We are back.

Three days at Disneyland, a Halloween Party at the park and one day at Sea World and we are back home.  We went to Disneyland Oct. 10th-12th, we were specifically there for Emily Hollister’s 7th birthday, which was the 11th.  Her birthday was the same night as the Halloween dress up party at California Adventure.  We had a lot of fun and didn’t stay nearly long enough, but isn’t that always the case.

Disneyland and California Adventure Oct. 10th-12th

img_1991.JPG img_2014.JPG img_1975.JPG img_1976.JPG img_1983.JPG img_1921.JPG img_1930.JPG img_1915.JPG img_1689.JPG img_1758.JPG img_1498.JPG img_1476.JPG img_1470.JPG img_1474.JPG img_1598.JPG

Halloween Party at California Adventure Oct. 11th

img_1836.JPG img_1884.JPG img_1813.JPG img_1882.JPG img_1869.JPG img_1808.JPG

Sea World Oct. 13th

img_2102-1.JPG img_2118.JPG img_2159.JPG img_2116.JPG img_2111.JPG img_2079.JPG img_2064.JPG 


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