Busy Busy Us.

We went to Pahrump on Friday, Soccer saturday morning and in the evening The Hollister Home, and then on Sunday we went Halloween costume hunting.  We leave for Disneyland Wednesday, so we have been packing and cleaning in between all the other crap.  I’m tired and work is getting in the way of getting all this crap done!!!!  Here are a few pictures to summarize the weekend….

img_0913.JPG  img_0882-1.JPG  img_0876.JPG  img_0897.JPG

img_0903-1.JPG   img_0900-1.JPG

These shots are from Pahrump…  We brought my nephew Daymian with us to visit my dad.  The kids had a blast, playing with the dogs and catching frogs and fish.

img_1163.JPG  img_1161.JPG  img_1079.JPG

img_1166.JPG   meandindia.jpg

Saturday Soccer Games

img_1295.JPG  img_1273.JPG  img_1238.JPG  img_1195.JPG

Saturday Night at the Hollister’s Home with The Hollister clan, Anthony and Jaden, and Ram, Sharisha and Vayun.  I only took pics of the kids, the adults were too boring and just not cute enough.


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