New Camera Shots Sunday…

You see how I snuck my new camera into another post…… I’ve been playing and I wanted to share.  Nothing too thrilling, just fun and games and hours of stalking India and Zoe with the camera.  Les, you’re lucky, mine are old enough to tell me to get out of their rooms when they have had it with me!!!

img_0508-copy.jpg     img_0501.JPG     img_0446-copy.jpg


img_0512.JPG     img_0509.JPG

I still prefer black and white and it’s been somewhat a foot weekend (I’m not sure why, just happened that way.)


One thought on “New Camera Shots Sunday…

  1. Love love love them!!!! I need to get off my ass and do some photoshopping…I love b&w too, just too lazy to convert. And yes, I realize the camera can do all of the work for me…see how lazy I really am! =)

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