Weekend Summary

Soccer Saturday-   Both teams lost, but played amazing games.  India’s team is really competitive, it was a rough game and they did well, but still ended up losing.



We also paid a visit to my dad and step mom in Pahrump.  India wasn’t home this weekend, so she didn’t get to come along.  But we had a really nice time.  Zoe spent most of the afternoon “fishing” in the pond in the backyard.  She LOVED it.  They also have 3 really cool dogs that Zoe couldn’t get enough of.  That is all she has talked about since we got home.  We will be heading back out soon, India is really annoyed with us all for going without her.


These are some interesting decorations in my dad’s backyard.  You would think he put them out for Halloween, but no they are just decorations that he likes.  But they are so working for Halloween!!!! I love them, but they are way too much money, maybe that’s why he’s leaving them all year!


I actually placed the order for my camera on Sunday night.  I’m so excited, I can barely breath.  Thanks Les for all of your advice.  I think, with your help, I got exactly what I wanted!!!!  I’m soo sooooo soo crazy, can’t think straight, even paid for 2-day shipping, excited.

Thanks Dad, for your ummmmmmm “advice” also.


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