Team Mom, who me?

Seriously, who would’ve thought this would happen? Denise? The organized one? Yeah right. Lesley? Ember? Would either of you in high school have pictured me, Denise, as a Soccer Team Mom? (there was a serious misuse of question marks in that there sentence.) It’s insanity I tell you! I mean, I totally lack in any organizational skills, my follow through is non-existent, and my brain wanders like a little boy with ADHD. But hey, maybe this will do me some good, and in the end I will come out organized, self-motivated, and a totally rockin’ soccer mom (am I too old to say rockin’?) Yeah, I know, WHATEVER!!

My current tasks are scheduling team pictures, producing a game snack schedule, and walking on my hands backwards while juggling bananas. Actually, it hasn’t been too bad. It’s crazy and a little hard to keep up with the girl’s, their parents, and the different moods and personalities that go along with them, but it’s not too bad. For some reason, this has been easy so far (which is different than most other aspects of my life). I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, as I religiously do. It is still a tad early, but the worry-wart in me can’t help but anticipate the worst.

So, here we go… The official soccer season began with our first game on September 8th. Oh yes, you heard correctly… we have only had one game so far. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling so damn positive about this Team mom thing… it’s still early…really, really early!


2 thoughts on “Team Mom, who me?

  1. You can do it! You can do it!
    But seriously, did any of us ever imagine we would be where we are today? No way Jose! I can’t believe we are grown ups. Scary man.

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