Soccer Saturday

The games started early today.  Zoe’s team played first, The Daisies (dressed in orange, really, really, bright orange) played The Flying Hawks and won 2 to 0. India’s team, The Angels won by forfeit.  The Covergirls, the opposing team, forgot the team’s players cards.  They played anyway, even though officially The Angels had already won, and it was a tie game.  The girls both played wonderful and it was very exciting.  I never even sat down during India’s game.  I was up walking back and forth following the ball, it was pretty damn exciting.  It was a really fun morning and we are all happy that the season has started again!!

 The Daisies vs.  The Flying Hawks (Zoe’s Team)


img_8702.jpg   img_8676.jpg  

img_8678.jpg   img_8712.jpg


The Angels vs. The Covergirls (India’s Team)


img_8856.jpg   img_8854.jpg

   img_8795.jpg   img_8768.jpg


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