Home Sweet Home

Well, we are home again, I’m sad to say.  It’s so much nicer to just always be on vacation.  I am unable to work that out on a constant basis… I wonder why that is?  Oh yeah, money.  Damn that money!!!  After a long, long, long drive, we got home last night and did laundry, put away suitcases, gave our dogs lots of love, packed lunches for school for the kids and then… well we went to sleep.  I am going to post a few pics from the trip that I liked that I didn’t get to post earlier, but other than that it’s going to be a short post.  The girls have soccer tonight and I’ve been pretty busy at work today so that’s all I’ve got for ya. 

img_6165.jpg   img_6168.jpg   img_6173.jpg

img_6051.jpg   img_6067.jpg   img_6071.jpg

Zoe and India both learned a little about rock climbing from their Uncle Joe.  Zoe liked it a lot more than India did.  India gave it a shot and then decided it wasn’t for her.

img_6288.jpg   img_6312.jpg   img_6597.jpg

img_5828.jpg   img_6509.jpg   img_6601.jpg

The kids camped out out on the balcony and told ghost stories.  Then they got really scared and only Lissie ended up sleeping out there.  There were a total of 8 kids!  It was crazy, but it was really nice to get all the cousins together.

img_5771.jpg   img_5779.jpg   img_5773.jpg

There are tons of flowers in Jodi’s front yard and they are just beautiful, wild and I would love to wake up to that every single day.  Daisies, daisies and more daisies.  I loved it and took tons of pictures of her yard.  I think her neighbors thought I was nuts.


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