Turn that frown upside down…

So far it’s been a pretty crappy week… 

Tony’s sister, Jodi and her family, live in South Lake Tahoe, so we’ve been really worried about them.  So far, they have not been affected by the fire, thank goodness, but the fire is still going strong at this point.  250 homes have been evacuated.   Needless to say the Stewart family has been on our minds constantly the past couple of days.

On the home front… India hasn’t wanted to goto camp and has been really annoyed with us about it, Zoe’s been sick, so yesterday we spent the day at home and at the doctor’s office, and Tony is busy, busy, busy at work, so he’s grumpy, grumpy, grumpy at home.  My stupid car broke and cost $997 to fix. Stupid, Stupid car.  I could’ve bought a nice new camera with that! (Lesley– I so envy you right now) And now I’m just tired. Very tired.  I’m ready for vacation and we don’t have anything definitively planned.  We have a couple things in mind, but nothing booked or scheduled. 

Sorry for the complaints, but it has got to get better soon.  Friday is Payday, so that’s a good start.  And this weekend is free and clear of any plans, so that’s something to look forward to… 


3 thoughts on “Turn that frown upside down…

  1. It’s Friday! I really hope your weekend is better than the week. Sorry you’re having such a bad time….I was SO there last week. Ugh @ your car. Doesn’t it always seem like the minute you start getting ahead something happens and WHAM! you’re back to where you started it not worse. Blech.
    While I’m not happy at all about having to spend another fortune on a new camera because the old one broke I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the new one. It is the BOMB! I’m having a couple of issues with the white balance and pictures looking too warm, but other than that it is a great camera.
    Have a drink or four to unwind and enjoy the wonderfully HOT ASS weather. =)

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