Summer is here…

First lets start with some good news… my sister Carrie is getting married, March 22nd.  Congrats to Carrie and TJ!  We are all very happy and excited for you!!! 

Now to the boring stuff, my stuff.  We had, for once, a very quiet and easy going weekend.  Most weekends are spent running around getting crap done that we couldn’t during the week, but not this weekend.  We swam, played tennis, and Tony taught the kids (my nephew Daymian included) all about track and field.  It was a nice way to begin our summer.  Relaxing and calm!  You gotta love it.  Of course, Soccer practice should start mid July, so I guess we shouldn’t get too used to the free time.  Oh well.

img_4176.jpg   img_4180.jpg   img_4200.jpg   img_4233.jpg   img_4240.jpg   img_4301.jpg   img_4250.jpg   img_4260.jpg



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