Sushi at Home

Each time Tony and I eat Sushi out we spend right about $100.  In the last two weeks we ate sushi out 3 times.  3 times. Let me say again, 3 times.  That is pathetic.  Obviously we cannot continue to spend money that we really don’t have or have better things to do with it.  So we decided to try and make sushi at home.  This is our second attempt and it was much better than the first, although we still need more practice.  It was much cheaper to buy the ingredients ourselves than pay at the restaurant and we still have plenty of them left for round 3 and possibly 4. 

We made 4 different rolls.  Tuna rolls, a spicy scallop roll, salmon and cream cheese and then octopus.  They all tasted great.

img_3202.jpg     img_3172.jpg     img_3190.jpg

Lesley-  This is probably your worst food nightmare ever!!!!


One thought on “Sushi at Home

  1. “Lesley- This is probably your worst food nightmare ever!!!!”

    Hahahah. I was just reading thinking……OMG Tuna….ewww. Scallops…double eww….salmon…ick…Octopus…OMG I might throw up! I still have to hold my breath when walking past the seafood counter at the grocery store.
    When Jeff’s twinnie sister was here we went to Kona Grill (we didn’t know it was sushi), we took one look at the menu and walked out….hahahhaa. Jeff doesn’t eat seafood either (thank God!).

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