Take me out to Ball Game…

We had a relatively uneventful weekend.  We ate sushi Friday night with our friends Nash and Lana.  Saturday we watched my nephew Daymian play baseball.  It was a good time and he was so cute in his little uniform I had to take tons of pictures.  We brought Sunny out to watch the game and my mom and my sister Christi recently got puppies, so they were there also.  The puppies are adorable.  So so cute, but not cute enough to convince me when needed another.  Zoe has been asking over and over for another dog.  I am quick to remind her that she has yet to contribute to any of the bills that the two we have are costing us (and boy have they cost us) therefore she has absolutely no say so in the matter.  Saturday night Tony, Zoe and I went for another round of Sushi.  And then Sunday we ate the leftover sushi from the night before.    

img_1727.jpg img_1778.jpg img_1804.jpg img_1743.jpg img_1719.jpg img_1801.jpg img_1755.jpg

This Saturday we leave for Sea World.  The girls are excited and we got a great deal, we can go back to the park anytime for the remainder of 2007 for free.  I wish they gave deals like that at Disneyland, then we would be really really excited, but hey beggars can’t be choosers.  So Sea World it is.  In June, when India gets out of school, we will be heading back to Knott’s Berry Farm to celebrate and then at the beginning of August we are off to Lake Tahoe.  We are planning on a couple of small trips in the middle, but we haven’t decided exactly where we want to go.  I’ll keep you all posted.


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