Birthday Sushi and Sad Sunny


For Mom-O’s Birthday we all went out for Sushi.  Zoe loves sushi and so do Tony and I, almost to the point of obsession.  But India, poor little India Schmindia couldn’t take it.  With each bite you could tell she just wanted to throw up.  Needless to say she ended up ordering off the menu, but the rest of us ate like we hadn’t eaten in months and it was lovely!

Dinner was at Sumo Sushi– The best place in town, I’m telling ya!!!

sushi4.JPG            sushi5.JPG

And for desert a lovely, yummy Freed’s Bakery cake!

momobday3.JPG  momobday6.JPG  momobday7.JPG  momobday4.JPG


Now to my Sad Puppy News:  My poor little Puppy Sunny has to get surgery done on her little shoulder.  For some reason (it’s some genetic thing) the cartilage in her shoulder moved and now it is pretty much bone on bone.  The operation isn’t scheduled yet, we still need to talk to the specialist, but hopefully it will be soon.  Sunny is in pain right now, but the operation will fix her up 100% and she will back to the happy little puppy that we know and love.  Poor baby.



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