Nate The Great and All the Lovely Rocks…

I took a couple of pictures of the girls and the puppies playing around.  Nate is obsessed with licking rocks.  It’s pretty strange.  He’ll lick and lick and lick until his mouth gets all frothy and messy and his paws are full of mud, it’s gross.  He’ll continue this weird ritual until we finally make him come in the house.  Sunny is about 6 months old now and so so so sweet I can hardly handle it.  She is a normal puppy, no crazy traits as of yet.

pict0057.JPG     pict0056.JPG     pict0052.JPG

pict0083.JPG     pict0050.JPG

pict0061.JPG     pict0063.JPG

Tonight we had a fajita party.  The girls cooked the onions, green peppers and steak on our fajita grill that we got for Christmas.  We had a lot of fun.  In April we are heading out to Mexico for vacation, so we spent our meal discussing our upcoming trip and all the fun stuff we will be doing.  We are so excited, all of us.

pict0015.JPG pict0009.JPG pict0002.JPG

Happy Birthday Nora Pie (2 years old) and Sophie Cakes (7 years old.) We miss you guys.

pict0014-1.JPG      pict0006-1.JPG


One thought on “Nate The Great and All the Lovely Rocks…

  1. First off – I’m so jealous of you getting to go to Mexico AGAIN. I have yet to go and you’ve been like a hundred times. Want to sneak me in your suitcase?

    Second – FUN! Fajita night with the hats and everything. I don’t even like fajita’s, yet I wanted to join in your party!!!

    Third – your dog is crazy. I don’t know who is crazier – your dog who licks rocks or my cat who bites me when I sing. Hmmm. It might be a toss up.

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