Christmas Eve Party

Tonight we all went to a Christmas Party hosted by our friends Darnell and Melissa.  Both Melissa and Darnell’s family were there and Tony and I really enjoyed getting to know them. We were able to get Darnell’s mom to spill some dirt on what he was like as a kid.  Melissa’s grandparents were there who have been married for 75 years and are both in their 90’s.  They are an amazing couple with some really great stories about their time together.  We could have spent the entire night hanging out with them, but it’s Christmas and the kids were ready for a little Santa Claus gift giving time.

Santa suprised us and stopped by for a quick visit and a gift for each of the kids.  Each kid got a little one on one time with Santa and we all were lucky enough to sing Christmas Carols with them (I know, it sounds pretty corny, but I have to admit, we had a lot of fun.)  We all had a great night and I am pretty sure that the girls will remember this for a long time to come.  Thank you Melissa and Darnell!!!!  We owe you one. 


                             pict0023.jpg     pict0037.jpg

After the party we came home and set up our annual buffet for Santa and the reindeer.  The girls set up 9 plates of veggies outside for the reindeer and a plate of cookies with a glass of eggnog for Santa next to the Christmas tree.  They both wrote really sweet thank you letters and India left Santa a tip (maybe we have lived in Vegas for too long now.) They are now watching Rudolph, while Tony and I wait for them to fall asleep (hopefully they fall asleep before we do.)

                            pict0089.JPG     pict0082.jpg

                           pict0074.jpg     pict0096.jpg

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


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