From now until Christmas…



Our Holiday schedule, well mostly our weekends, from here until Christmas are booked.  So here is our schedule, just in case you are looking for us.

  • We have soccer for the next three weeks (the girls just got back this season’s pictures, they turned out pretty cute.  I love how smiley they are)


  • India’s 8th Birthday is November 6th, we will be having a small celebration at Buca di Beppo with all of our family
  • The weekend of November 10th we are going to Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal Studios (this weekend is to celebrate both the girls birthdays this month, they both decided they would rather go out of town than have a party)
  • UNLV Football game and tailgating makes for most of the day on November 18th
  • Thanksgiving weekend (Nov. 24th- 27th) we will be in Lake Tahoe with Joe, Jodi, Clara, Lissie, Sophie and Nora
  • Grandpa’s Birthday is November 27th 
  • Zoe’s 6th Birthday is November 28th- (Zoe hasn’t decided on what her dinner plans will be as of yet)
  • My Birthday is December 4th
  • My Christmas Party is December 8th
  • Grandma’s Birthday is December 18th
  • The week of December 18th- The Stewart Family comes for a visit

I’m telling you, I’m already tired.  Tired, but excited.  We have a lot to do, but most of it involves time with the people we love.  It’s hard to not look forward to all that.  We are planning on decking out the house for Halloween, so Tony and I took off work (and are sending the girls to school) just so we can decorate.

Our animals are happy and getting bigger by the minute.  Nate is 95lbs now and little sunny is still just little, but Nate knows not to push too much because she can dish it out pretty good when she gets mad.

Happy Happy Happy news- 

The Barr babies are both at home now.  They are finally one BIG happy family now.  Congratulations to Jeff and Lesley!!!   We are all very happy and grateful that they are doing so well and all finally at home together, where they belong. What a way to start off the holidays.


One thought on “From now until Christmas…

  1. Wow, and I thought I was busy!!!! You are the most traveling, doing things family I know. Fun Fun Fun!!!! Me, I ‘m home bound until the babies get older and bigger – Dr.s orders. While you’re out having loads of fun I’ll be changing 20 diapers a day, feeding the munchins, and being so tired I could cry – and loving every minute ( well, minus the tired anyhow)!!! When I get a spare minute I’ll give you a ring, until then have a Happy Halloween!

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