Soccer, Animals, School, Birthdays, Work and Babies! It’s been a busy couple of weeks!

For the past week and a half we have been doing nothing but playing soccer, homework and taking care of animals.  Tony got a promotion this week, so although we are excited for him, we know that things are only going to get busier.  This week was also Emily Hollister’s 6th birthday, we will be celebrating this Sunday at Pump it Up. They are growing up way too fast.

     dsc01-soccer.JPG   angels-team.JPG

     indiafterball.JPG    dsc01-chasing.JPG

     daddyandzoe.JPG   emilyjanesoccerstar.JPGindirunning1.JPG

We are ready for a vacation, but have no time to go anywhere. With Christmas and all those birthdays coming up, we really should not be planning anything right now, even if that’s all we can think about.

Here are a couple pictures of Sunny.  She is getting bigger and cuter every day, but she is very very high maintenance.  She is lucky that we already love her.

      sleepysunny.JPG          sunnybun1.JPG

On a wonderful, wonderful happy note, Lesley had her babies!!!! The pictures look beautiful and everyone is doing really good.  Congratulations to Lesley and Jeff on their little baby girl Shenzie and baby boy Heaton both born October 2nd.  Lesley has been updating her site daily with pictures of the two of them.  Click on the Lesley Barr link on my page and you can see those beautiful babies.


One thought on “Soccer, Animals, School, Birthdays, Work and Babies! It’s been a busy couple of weeks!

  1. Thank you!!! Sorry I haven’t had time to call you. With hospital visits and getting ready for the babies to come home it seems I never have time. Heaten will be home tomorrow – yippee!! Shenzie still has another 1-2 weeks before she will be ready. Soon I’ll know what going insane with sleep deprivation and happy crazy is all about!!

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