Puppies are a fun, but…


This is Nate the Great or as we lovingly call him Natey the Patatey.  He is a year old and getting to be a pretty good puppy.  He is still just a puppy though, so there are occassions when he isn’t as good as he should be.  He is wonderful with the girls and loves them to death (with kisses).

          pict0002.JPG        pict0006.JPG

Here is our newest little family member.  Everyone meet Sunny, Sunny bun, Sunshine, Sunny Girl…  Call her what you will.  She is fun and unbelievably cute.  But boy oh boy what were we thinking. She is a complete handful.


One thought on “Puppies are a fun, but…

  1. Oh my cuteness. Now you know I’m a cat lover, not a dog lover, but Sunny bun is the cutest little puppy I ever did see. How fun! Just like having a baby all over again. If I would have known you wanted to be up all night I would have let you borrow one of our babies (when they get here of course!). I can’t let Jeff see the puppy or I’ll never hear the end of it. He wants to get rid of Gallager (the nerve) and get the babies a puppy. He is smoking some serious crack!!

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