Back to School…


                         pict0006.JPG      pict0017.JPG    

India is now in 2nd grade, same school, but a different teacher.  Zoe started kindergarten today!!!  It was very exciting.  Both girls were very excited and a little nervous.  Zoe is going to school where her Grandmother Patton (Mom-o) works, so she was very excited to be able to spend more time with her.  India is just happy to see all her friends that she missed over the summer. 

                          pict0207.JPG  pict0031.JPG

                 pict0018.JPG  pict0194.JPG

Both girls also started soccer again this week.  India’s team is going to be pretty competitive this season, so we are all looking forward to their first game September 9th.  Zoe is with a new group of girls this season, most of them have never played before.  It will be an interesting season.

We are going to Lake Tahoe this weekend and can’t wait to see Tony’s family.  It’s fun to get all the cousins together, there are a total of 6 girls under the age of 11.  It’s crazy and hectic, but lots of fun.


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