Laughlin, I know, what’s in Laughlin…

   beachemily.JPG          beach2.JPG          beach1.JPG

We had a really nice weekend at a little resort called Avi in Laughlin.  It was inexpensive and relaxing.  We went up there with our friends Ryan and Jamie and their little girl Emily.  The kids swam the entire trip either in the resorts main pool or private beach.  It was a nice long weekend before the girls start school again.  We even rented a jet ski and took the girls down the river.  Zoe was pretty scared at first, but once she saw the other girls having a blast she couldn’t resist another go at it.

       oatman2.JPG    oatman1.JPG     

       oatman4.JPG    oatman3.JPG

We also stopped off in Oatman, Arizona and fed the burros.  This was Zoe’s favorite part of the trip and constantly asked when we would be going back.  We only hung out there for a couple of hours.  It’s really little, one street really, full of hungry burros. It was nice, but once a trip in Oatman is enough.


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