Summer 2006

                    summer2006a.jpg           India and Zoe

It’s time to get organized.  School is starting soon for the girls, well me too (I don’t really count, I’ll be in school forever.)  Anyway, I thought it would be nice for all of us, meaning the family, to have something to look back on and remember what we’ve done.  I am not one for scrapbooking and my journalling skills are lacking…  So, if I can keep up on this, the girls will have something to look at later on in life.  Does that make sense?  I have this ‘pregnant with twins’ friend, Lesley, who is keeping track of her pregnancy online for the babies and to keep friends and family updated.  I thought it was great idea, so now I have stolen it!!!  Sorry Les!!

As you can see above, my girls are growing fast.  India is going into the 2nd grade and Zoe will be in Kindergarten.  Can you believe it? Damn, I am truly getting old.  This will be an interesting year with both of them in the Public school system, I’m a little worried. I’m pretty sure they will do fine, but I am confident that my job as the family worrywart will continue.


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